Sunday, May 16, 2010

Recommended Adjustable Bed Repair Service

Where to Find Repair Service for Adjustable Bed

The Adjustable bed is actually a combination of electrical and mechanical systems integrated into one elegant and useful feature that is able to bring health benefits to its users, young and old. However, to the user, an adjustable bed may seem like a simple system to operate and use without knowing the underlying mechanics. In fact, electric adjustable bed is an incredibly complex system and with modernization, more electronic features are included in the system. This inevitably leads to problems between the electric-mechanical system as well as within the electrical system itself. This is when you require the service of adjustable bed specialist to rectify any problems with your adjustable beds. We have the best adjustable bed repair service in the industry and always received praise and compliments, positive reviews from our satisfied clients. We are the number 1 recommended adjustable bed repair service in the industry. What is most important is that we charge reasonable rates for repairing adjustable beds. You can find our repair service across all the major continents from America to Europe, Asia and Australia New Zealand. Find our service online and we will respond to you within 48 hours. Our adjustable bed repair hotline is available 24/7.

Cost of Adjustable Bed Repair Service

We offer the most reasonably priced repair service for your adjustable beds. First, we will send our engineers down to assess the conditions of your faulty adjustable bed. One of the most prominent sign that your adjustable bed is damaged or malfunctioning is in the electronic system. You can hear a beeping sound from the electronic system which indicates a fault or problem with the motors or the internal circuit board. If there is indeed a problem, we will see if it is the hardware or software. We will also bring along spare parts for adjustable beds so as to replace them on the spot if necessary. Ours is the lowest cost adjustable bed repair service and it is typically less than $200 for manpower and the cost of the parts varies depending on the components of the adjustable bed which requires replacement. Our repair experts will give you a full assessment report before getting your approval to carry on the repair work. Do not worry about hidden charges as we are very transparent in offering our genuine service for you.

Types of Adjustable Bed Repair Service

We have a wide range of skills from our well trained adjustable bed repair engineers. We are brand neutral, meaning we are able to repair adjustable beds from all the major brands such as Leggett and Platt, Craftmatic, Solax, Tempur-pedic and Golden Rest. The repair charges are same across all brands, only the different components of the adjustable beds will vary the cost of repair. Besides being able to repair all brands, we also can service repair single, double, queen and king sized adjustable beds.
Our online shop also provides adjustable bed maintenance service for your home owned adjustable beds. We provide different package deals for quarterly, half yearly and annual health check on your adjustable beds. We recommend you to sign up for this packages as we are offering our annual adjustable bed sale now and it is definitely better to service maintain your adjustable bed regularly than paying more to repair it later. Pay less with our service contract for adjustable beds and you get to benefit more too.